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Water Technology
Amphitrite Technologies Private Limited is a one of the up growing company in the field of water and waste water treatment sector in Global Water market with a focus on Desalination, Water treatment Plants, Waste water reuse and zero liquid discharge Plants. We are focusing to provide sustainable water treatment systems and technology that works to solve the global water scarcity challenges…,
Resourcing the earth
Today, natural resources are becoming increasingly scarce while our needs are growing in an ever more densely populated and urbanized world facing climate change issues. Amphitrite Technology applies its capacity for innovation to pursuing human progress and wellbeing, and improving the performance of businesses and regions.
We help improve access to water
By 2025, 63% of the world’s population will face water shortage. Amphitrite Technology works daily to develop new ways of making this vital resource available when and where it is needed.
Waste Water into Reusable
Amphitrite Technologies having innovative technology to convert the waste water into usable portable or Industrial process water quality.

Technology We Use

The world and its seven billion people face huge challenges. As part of the drive to provide sustainable responses to these issues and preserve the planet’s delicate balance, Amphitrite Technologies develops innovative technologies, creates alternative solutions and designs efficient ways of using resources to promote new growth more in tune with the environment.

Business Activities

Amphitrite Technologies designs and delivers services that are vital to human development and sustainable performance through three complementary business activities: water management, waste management and energy services. The company provides innovative, sustainable solutions to improve people’s everyday lives and protect future resources.

Benefits from Amphitrite Services

We’ll work with you to optimize system performance, reliability and maximum system run-time, product quality, reduce cost, and realize a faster, better return on your investment.

  • Ensures quality, quantity, timely deliver and accuracy of systems.
  • Protects continuity of system supplies throughout life time.
  • Minimum down time and production losses.
  • Ensures effective Preventive Maintenances.
  • Rapid Recovery from Emergency period.