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0 May 5, 2015

We take this opportunity to introduce our Company as a multi-national supplier of wide spectrum of technologies for Water and Waste water Treatment. Amphitrite Technologies offers a complete range of water and waste water treatment plants using advanced technologies for Drinking Water, Municipal Waste water, Industrial Water, Industrial Waste water, Sea and Brackish Water Desalination, Sludge Treatment. Amphitrite Technologies is an international systems supplier offering a complete range of water and waste water technologies, having rich knowledge by successfully executing Water and Waste water treatment plants worldwide, most of them custom built. Amphitrite Technologies has an international exposure in this sector and head-quarters in Chennai, India. We bring to you our international experience in designing and building smaller to large capacity Sewage and water treatment plants. We are proud to say that project management and procurement are our strengths. This translates into more cost effective solutions for our clients.  

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