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Focus on Municipal Customers

We assist municipalities, whatever their sizes in carrying out their responsibilities towards water management and sanitation services. We provide water and wastewater treatment solutions that meet with environmental issues, at the global scale and appropriate to local regulatory and economic constraints. We support local authorities in meeting their objectives of protecting water resources, preserving biodiversity and combating climate change.


Industrial Process Water

Amphitrite Technologies responds to the diverse water treatment needs of municipalities around the world with market-leading technologies and processes.


We provide premium quality services and solutions to municipal water customers, in both urban and rural settings. Whether the challenge relates to scarce water resources, health concerns or meeting stringent environmental regulations, municipal authorities throughout the world rely on our water treatment expertise.


We offers complete range of services that cover your water and wastewater treatment installations, Operational services, effective and trouble free maintenance, Process Optimization, and our technical Expert team and specialized water and waste water treatment chemicals, etc..