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AAmphitrite Technologies provide premium quality services and solutions to all our clients in Industrial and municipal sectors. Whether the challenge relates to scarce water resources, health concerns or meeting stringent environmental regulations, municipal authorities throughout the world rely on our water treatment expertise. Our Services are not limited to Design, Built, Operate the plant but it extents to Packaged / Containerized Plants, Operation & Maintenance of water and waste water treatment plants, Annual Maintenance Contract, Technical Services, marketing Genuine Spares, Renovation, Renovation & Up gradation, Specialty Chemicals, etc..,

  • Packaged / Containerized Plants

    Amphitrite Technologies offers packaged RO, STP plants for a smaller capacity plants fabricated at our factory to complete the project on time. Our Quality engineers and Technicians are fabricating the skid mounted plants at our factory and maintaining the quality standards. Packaged plant reduces capital cost and maintenance cost to the client. For treating the sewage we offer MBBR / MBR technology to achieve the desired treated water quality, recycling the treated water to irrigation, landscaping, toilet flushing, road compacting, curing of concrete, etc..,

    Amphitrite Technologies manufacturing containerized raw water reverse Osmosis, Brackish water RO and SWRO Plants in 20ft and 40ft containers to meet the needs for pre-installed equipments. The Packaged / Containerized systems are totally pre-installed and ready to use after installation at site.

    Salient Features of Amphitrite Technologies Packaged / Containerized Plants;

    • Compact Skid with necessary equipments
    • Dosing Skids
    • Sufficient Operating Space
    • Centralized Power Panel
    • Instrumentation Panel
    • Voltage Protection Devices
    • Overload Protection Devices
    • Wall Paneling
    • Internal Lighting
    • Metal Checkered Floor
    • Polyurethane Insulation
    • Specialized hi-tech supports
    • Air Conditioning (Optional)
    • Back-up Generator (Optional)
    • Windows (Optional)
    • Total Internal PVC Piping and interconnecting piping with PTP packages
    • Input Output Water Pipelines with Enclosed Boxes
    • Internal Cabling, etc..

  • Operation & Maintenance

    Amphitrite Technologies has the ability to provide a comprehensive Operation and Maintenance of Water and waste water treatment plants with qualified, experienced and professionally trained experts. Our Operation team will operate & maintain the Water and waste water treatment plants on day to day basis regulating the performance.

    Our Commitments on Operation & Maintenances are,

    • Dedicated and specialist resources
    • Optimization of Power & Chemicals
    • Process Optimization
    • Lower Operating Cost
    • Technical Skill
    • Higher Performance
    • Trouble Shooting
    • Adhering to SOP’s
    • Reduced costs and enhanced savings
    • Partnering for continuous improvement
    • Operation excellence
    • Lower Downtime
    • Excellent Vendor support
    • Time & Deliver
    • Documentation
    • Excellence in health, safety and environmental management
    • Onsite Training, etc..

    As a result of the design and construction of innumerable plants and long-term experience in their management, AMPHITRITE TECHNOLOGIES possesses extensive know-how and recognized competence in the areas of water and operational management and can therefore optimize the running of plants and thus contribute to their success.

    We are not only run facilities that we have designed and built, but also undertake the management of existing wastewater and water treatment capacity. Ownership and the control of charges remain with our customers.

    An Amphitrite technology has the ability to delivering innovative and highly successful outsourcing contracts and in building long-term relationship with our clients.

    Amphitrite Technologies operations and maintenance programs utilize industrial water, wastewater and utility experts to solve challenges and improve processes with long-term performance guarantees. We work on-site with your operations staff to understand the core issues affecting operations and develop a plan that we can implement to accomplish your goals.

  • Annual Maintenance Contract

  • Technical Services

    Our Technical Team provides all environmental solutions from our technical expert team for our clients and taking ownership to water and waste water treatment plant issues and responding to the issues on-time. Our Expert team frequently visiting the site and giving onsite training on various categories to our staff’s at site.

    Amphitrite Technologies are available for consultation regarding new technological developments, renovation, up gradation, and re-investment decisions. Our technical Expert team will play key role to provide their value addition to the client.

  • Spares

    Amphitrite Technologies offers to reduce the risk of equipment spares failure by providing high quality original spares to reduce the down time and losses. We also supply the following..,

    • MF/ MBR / UF / NF / RO Membranes
    • All Rotary Equipment Spares
    • Ion Exchange Resins
    • Filter Medias
    • Activated Carbon, MnO2, etc.
    • Pipes & Fittings, etc.
    • Cartridge Filters
    • MBBR, Tube settler Medias
    • Diffusers
    • All Types of Valves
    • All type of measuring Instruments
    • Others

  • Renovation, Renovation & Up gradation

    Amphitrite Technologies upgrade the existing plants with advanced technology and process to improve the performance of the plant, optimization of chemicals & power and reducing operating cost. Our practical approach to upgrading, operating and maintaining facilities leverages your existing operation’s assets, labor and technology with our resources, allowing you to focus on your production output.

    Our Technical Expert team helps to client to improve the performance of the existing plant. We offer water and waste water treatment systems can be augmented and upgraded, avoiding long down time.

  • Specialty Chemicals

    Amphitrite Technologies markets a wide range of Specialty chemicals to help improve process and product performances. We offer Water & Waste water treatment chemicals like polyelectrolytes & Flocculants, RO membrane Antiscalent, RO membrane Cleaning Chemicals (Organic & Inorganic Cleaners), Biocides, Dewatering Polyelectrolyte, Cooling Tower Chemicals, Poly Aluminum Chlorite, etc.