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Waste Water Treatment

  • Municipal Waste Water Treatmentt

    • Aerobic Biological Treatment

      • Activated Sludge Process – ASP

        Amphitrite Technologies experts create the specific process for specific requirement to treat the sewage by using conventional waste water treatment methods. We design the plant as per the client requirement and the specific local conditions. Sewage Treatment Plants that are designed and manufactured using Activated Sludge Process (ASP) technology employees single or two stages activated process technologies. The conventional treatment process will guarantees the consistent moderate to high treated water quality.

        Amphitrite Technologies has established itself as one of the leader in developing and providing technologically superior water infrastructure in the country.

      • Fixed Film Activated Sludge – FAS

      • Moving Bed Bio Reactor – MBBR

        Amphitrite Technologies offer MBBR technology to treat the Waste water to Municipal and Industrial clients to have a better performance than ASP Technology.

        MBBR technology is based on the biofilm principle with an active biofilm growing on small specially designed plastic carriers that are kept suspended in the reactor. Besides the special design of plastic carriers, for a long term solution to design hydraulic engineering and you need knowledge of microbiology and growth. The technology utilizes the advantages of both activated sludge and other biofilm systems like bio-filters.., the carriers are designed to provide a large surface area for the biofilm to grow bacteria culture when the carriers are suspended in water. Different types of carriers are developed for Specific applications to achieve better performance.

        Major Advantages of MBBR Technology are Flexible design, BOD Reduction, P Removal, Nitrogen Removal, Reject treatment, easy up-gradation, no need for return sludge in many applications and easy operation .

      • Sequencing Batch Reactor – SBR

        Amphitrite Technologies provide economical choice for high effluent quality using a proven Sequencing Batch Reactor technology for medium to larger capacity wastewater treatment plants. SBR Technology is an Activated Sludge type wastewater treatment system in which different operating sequences are followed. The programmable logic controller (PLC) controlled operating sequences are,

        • Filling and mixing or aeration.
        • Aeration,
        • Sedimentation / Settling,
        • Decanting

        Amphitrite Technologies recommends the Specific Industrial effluents applications to treat the effluents with SBR Technology to reuse the treated water for process requirements.

        Advantages of SBR Technology,

        • Low Capital & Operating Cost
        • Less Maintenance,
        • Low Sludge Generation,
        • High Quality of Treated Water

      • Membrane Bio Reactor – MBR

        Amphitrite Technologies offers advanced MBR technology having several operational and economic advantages compared to conventional wastewater treatment plants. MBR technology eliminates the requirement of secondary clarifiers and tertiary treatment. This allows for increased performance with a smaller footprint. For treating Municipal and Industrial wastewater or effluents, MBR Technology has expanded significantly over the past years.

        Amphitrite Technologies has strategy that specific application choosing the best innovative solution to achieve the task economically. This technology serves our client, that need treated wastewater or effluent of consistent quality with low BOD, COD and Total suspended solids (TSS) for reuse or discharge. The MBR filtrate can be directly treated by RO without any need for additional pretreatment.

        Advantages of MBR Technology,

        • Costs effective,
        • Less Space requirement,
        • Superior treated water quality,
        • Lower Life Cycle Cost,
        • Easy to operate
        • Easy recovery of nutrients for reuse
        • Proven track record
        • Odour free

      • Sludge Treatment

        Amphitrite Technologies responds to the diverse wastewater treatment needs of municipalities and industries with market-leading and proven technologies and processes. Sewage treatment is yet another specialized area of operation in which Amphitrite Technologies has innovative Knowledge to provide the latest technology to treat wastewater. Due to various environmental factors, our water resources rivers, lakes and underground water are contaminated badly.

        Amphitrite Technologies ensure that clear water is discharged to protect our environment by providing innovative treatment process. And we are capable to recycle the waste water into irrigation or other industrial process water.

        Amphitrite Technologies applies its global technological leadership to extract the full value from wastewater. We help our clients to generate reusable water and produce fertilizer, nutrients and energy for heat and electrical power. We provide all of the technologies for safe, environmentally compliant day-to-day wastewater treatment plant operations, regardless of size.

    • Anaerobic Biological Treatment

      Amphitrite Technologies provides Process Specific conventional anaerobic treatment system to treat the influent. Industrial wastewater treatment plants are designed to meet differing purification demands, which relate specifically to the effluent to be treated. As a rule, the concentrations of organic and inorganic substances in industrial wastewater are considerably higher than those found in the municipal sector.

      Amphitrite Technologies can supply both aerobic (with oxygen) and anaerobic (without oxygen) processes and thus furnish optimum solutions for individual requirements. It is often the case that both processes are combined in order to achieve the highest possible purity levels in the treated wastewater.

      • Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Reactor – UASB

        Amphitrite Technologies offer Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Reactor technology, benefitting to the client by energy economic and unique methane recovery system for electricity generation to treat the influent.

        UASB technology microorganisms digest bio-degradable materials present in the influent in the absence of oxygen. The digested bio-degradable materials converted into methane gas. Recovered methane used for the electricity production. To increase the performance of UASB technology it is necessary to screen and remove the degrit in the upstream of UASB reactor. The Sewage enters at the bottom of the UASB reactor and following an Upflow path passes through a thick anaerobic sludge blanket. Wastewater converted into bio-gas by anaerobic digestion process. Bio-gas separated out by Gas-Liquid-Solid Separator. Methane recovered from the biogas can be utilized for energy generation. The Clear water sent through settling tank and the treated water shall be utilized for irrigation purposes. Settled solids are slide back into UASB reactor.

      • High Rate Anaerobic Reactor

      • Anaerobic Membrane bioreactor

  • Industrial Waste Water Treatment

    • Aerobic Process

    • Anaerobic Process

    • Physio-Chemical Process

      Amphitrite Technologies providing the tailor made solution for the specific physical and chemical treatment process in water and waste water treatment plants in municipal and Industrial sector. Both physical and chemical treatment removes Organic and inorganic substances from the influent.

      Amphitrite Technologies use standard process phases such as flocculation, precipitation, sedimentation filtration, oxidation and ion exchange, which are either utilized individually or in combination based on the requirement.

      Physio-Chemical treatment is essential to the Water and Waste water Treatment plants in Industrial sectors but it is not limited to industries, where the process will be controlled with optimized process chemistry and its applications.

    • Sludge Treatment

      Amphitrite Technologies offers Waste Water treatment plant that provides the needs of municipal corporations, Industrial Plants, Residential complexes and Resorts. These plants are known for both biological and chemical treatment of sewage based on the process requirement.

      The sludge treatment in order to reduce its volume and transform it into a recoverable product is now a necessity to overcome the environmental issues.

      In the modern wastewater treatment plants are highly efficient and their discharges with good quality. The Generated Sewage sludge is a by-product from the sewage treatment plant and this possesses considerable potential for use as a source of energy and nutrients. Biogas is considered to be a renewable fuel as it originates from organic material that has been created from atmospheric carbon by plants grown within recent growing seasons.

      Amphitrite Technologies provide wastewater treatment solutions that meet with environmental issues, at the medium scale and appropriate to local regulatory and economic constraints. We support local authorities in meeting their objectives of protecting water resources, preserving biodiversity and combating climate change.

      • Aerobic Sludge

        Amphitrite Technologies offer aerobic sludge processing for the small scale applications. This process we recommends to residential complexes and resorts. In this process requirement of energy to operate the equipment are higher than other process.

      • Anaerobic Sludge

        Amphitrite technologies offer a proven, most economical and energy efficient Aerobic sludge process for the sludge processing in sewage treatment plants to protect the environment. Anaerobic Process is a most economical and energy efficient process for medium scale projects.

        Anaerobic digestion is the man-made process of harnessing the anaerobic fermentation of wastes and other biodegradable materials its resulting production of biogas, which can be used to provide renewable power using biogas cogeneration systems.

        Benefits of anaerobic digestion process,

        • Reduction in Sludge Quantity,
        • Increases in dryness in dehydration,
        • Production of renewable power through combined heat and power cogeneration
        • Production of a low-carbon fertilizer