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Since formation, Chennai based Amphitrite Technologies private Limited has developed a strong reputation for achieving technical excellence in the delivery of services to environmental sectors. We believe that creating exciting and sustainable global water entertainment environments help clients become leaders in their markets, across sectors. Its comprehensive, cost-effective and reliable treatment systems and services reduce fresh water demand, ensure uninterrupted quantity and quality of water, and enable regulatory and environmental compliances.


Amphitrite Technologies Private Limited is a small, clean technology water treatment and Services Company providing innovative and filtration technologies for process cooling water and other uses. The company also seeks to identify, develop and commercialize proprietary new technologies to increase water and energy efficiencies.
Amphitrite Technologies Private Limited is an innovative Knowledge based company with latest technologies, processes and various products which are mostly developed in house and are integrated into turn-key solutions.


Amphitrite Technologies Private Limited is a growing company with a strong focus on innovation and highest customer satisfaction. Amphitrite Technologies Private Limited designs, manufactures and delivers latest technology to the clients, concrete solutions on their environmental needs and added valuable services to treat Effluent, Process Water, and Biogas and sludge treatment system across the global water industry and municipalities.


Amphitrite Technologies Private Limited offers, High Quality, Reliable and most Competitive Technological solutions to help our valuable clients to meet their total water solutions, lower their environmental footprint, productivity and efficiency and ensuring the minimum life cycle cost at the same time.
Amphitrite Technologies Private Limited provides customized technological solutions and system integration capabilities based on state-of-the-art technologies and a wide range of tailor-made services. Our solutions are developed by multi-disciplinary, specialized teams combining the experience of our engineering and research teams and the knowledge and skills.


Amphitrite Engineers, Supervisors and Technicians equipped with the latest technology and software are ready to provide value-added field engineering support of your Water & Waste water system. Use Amphitrite Technologies professional resources to identify and resolve your technical issues in your plants before they impact production. Focus on your core business while Amphitrite Technologies focuses on your system and process.